Chapter 1: Just Jump off the Cliff

So I took the jump, after working like a crazy person, building my name and portfolio; leaping into self employment and Girl Bossiness.  And once I made the decision to launch Dani Arps, I almost immediately began to receive really cool opportunities and projects.  Within the past month, I've been to London for work, France for friends and then back to NYC, where I had the honor of being featured in Ann Taylor's Summer Changemakers Series!

I've quickly found that besides having the support of my family; being surrounded by good people is the key to success.

Take for example my friend Jamila Willis,  "A professional woman and jetsetter who manages to seamlessly combine a demanding career, a vibrant international social life and an insatiable curiosity for people and culture." Jamila is definitely one where the term 'unicorn' applies.. She's a brilliant, loyal and worldly lawyer - who also happens to be super chic and beautiful.    Her excellent advice on both travel and business is information I'll share soon!

Then, there's the lovely Alisa Richter who is honestly the nicest person I've met in my adult life.  She's the type of person who just does good deeds for the sake of doing them - a cool and eclectic woman who has been a cheerleader of all of my businesses and is basically the master connector of tech and artsy crowds.  Alisa is also an amazing publicist and recommended me, out of all of the talented people she knows, to be included as a 'Changemaker' - which is pretty cool and I was very flattered.

The Ann Taylor feature was a great opportunity to share a little bit of what I do (shot during an art installation for Contently, one of my startup clients) as well as model an awesome jumpsuit from their summer collection, they have a lot of great staple pieces that are easy to style! 

I also had the opportunity to showcase my Dani Lounge, more info soon!

I also had the opportunity to showcase my Dani Lounge, more info soon!

For each jump I take, I try to learn a lesson - in this instance, it's the value of keeping and being a good friend.  The sentiment is reciprocated! 

Xx Dani