dani lounge

Start-Up Solutions #5: Incorporate branding.

Start-Up Solutions is a series that explores some of the common problems I’ve encountered in three years of designing offices for start-ups - and provides practical pointers for constructing work spaces that, well, really work.

Dani Lounge™ with custom cushions inspired by Yipit Data's logo colors and profile.

Problem: Everyone knows that thoughtful branding is key when it comes to starting a business. But deciding how to incorporate elements of said branding in the design of a work space (without crossing the line into tacky territory) can be tricky. 

Solution: Break down your branding. Think: what are its key colors, shapes, details? Then determine how best to incorporate these elements in subtle ways. Rather than paint one wall in the office using your company's signature color — which can often read cheesy — consider breaking up the brightness. Include vibrant pops throughout (I love the cheerful splashes of orange seen here at Day One Agency), or streak a 12" thick painted line through several conference rooms that are visually connected. Another option? Purchase bar stools or pedestal files in the color of your choice — just be sure to use the hue sparingly in other areas. It is possible to have too much of a good thing!