Epic Intentions.

Hi.  My name is Danielle Arps and I'd like to formally introduce my interior design firm, Dani Arps LLC, to the world! Sounds a little epic?  I'm fully aware of this - but starting one's own company is pretty epic in my humble opinion.. 

I design interiors... mostly commercial spaces and startup tech companies, like Fashionista, Gilt, Sailthru, Codeacademy, and Flurry (to name a few).  I really love it.  The clients I work with are just so interested and interesting, allowing me the opportunity to transform their spaces into my own three-dimensional canvas.

I suppose the ultimate goal for my company is to create spaces that people thrive in - like flourish in - like when they enter their office, they explode (or implode?) with happiness and are just so incredibly productive that it improves their quality of life.  Again, I realize the 'epic-ness' of this statement, but I truly believe having a well designed space greatly impacts ones life.  I mean we're indoors for the majority of our lives, so it does seem to be extremely logical..

Please enjoy as I begin my journey in changing the corporate culture through interior design.  I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy sharing!

Xx Dani