ON SITE: Kitchensurfing

Client: Kitchensurfing, an awesome service that brings skilled chefs to home kitchens, starting at just $25 per person

The Space: A 1100 square-foot apartment in Union Square

Status: Completed February 2015

The kitchen is often described as the heart and soul of a home — that’s a fact the founders of Kitchensurfing know well.  So when it came to the design of this bright, window-lined Manhattan space, I had one main goal in mind: to give the studio — which would be used for company events, client meetings, and Kitchensurfing demonstrations — as much warmth and comfort of a real home, while still maintaining utmost functionality.

My first thought? A gorgeous, hand-crafted dining table large enough to seat a group of ten or twelve. After all, what dinner party’s complete without a beautiful place to enjoy a meal? This one was custom-made by the same builders behind my Dani Lounge chair.

To save on cost, I opted for birch cutting boards (also made-to-order) in place of wooden counters. The biggest board was meant to act as a sort of countertop mainstay. I love the look of the dark wood against gleaming caesarstone, and its impressive size allows for multiple kitchen tasks to be performed at once.


 Lastly, in keeping with the real-life-residential theme, I created a gallery wall that echoes the look of a photo collection a family might display in their living room. To give this particular selection a Kitchensurfing spin, I chose vegetable-themed images from the online art marketplace Society6 (which, word to the wise, frames the work for you, eliminating a step in the decorating process). 

Completed in just six weeks, what was once an empty room is now a welcoming place to gather. I like to think it’s one that reflects Kitchensurfing’s passion for community and dedication to quality. Of course, what really makes a kitchen the heart of any home are the people in it, and this space, I think, sets the perfect stage to share a meal and some stories, and many evenings well worth remembering.

 Thank you to Kitchensurfing for letting me be a part of such a meaningful process!  Learn more about the company — which now operates in seven cities nationwide — here.