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ON SITE: Day One Agency.

D1A in Construction!

D1A in Construction!

Client: Day One Agency, a digital communications agency built to inspire fresh ideas that connect, engage and influence.

The Space: A 3000 square-foot space in Chelsea

Status: In Progress

Designers talk all the time about what a dream come true it is to work with clients who are open-minded and trusting enough to allow them free rein in the design of their work or living spaces. This was exactly the case with Day One, a digital communications agency based in Manhattan. With a May 1st move-in date approaching, the company founders gave me just two guidelines to follow when it came to the design of their office: it needed to accommodate up to 25 people, and house three conference rooms, one large and two small. Everything else — color, décor, lay-out — was fair game for experimentation and imagination. Needless to say, I was up for the challenge.

Day One is a company staffed with some of the most creative thinkers you’ll ever meet. To cultivate to an environment that encourages a spirit of innovation, I aimed to create a space that serves as a sort of a living inspiration board.  Much of the space is clad in wood, and there are pin-up boards everywhere. A wash of white paint allows the office to feel airy and inviting, while orange accents — borrowed from the company’s website — add pops of brightness throughout.

To pay homage to the company’s commitment to progressive thinking and new ideas, I included as many custom accents as possible. All of the work surfaces are custom-built, as is the four-foot neon “This is Day One” sign that will be hung in the large conference room. But most exciting for me is the inclusion of a brand-new model of the Dani Lounge chair, which will feature one-of-a-kind paintings on the backs of each. I couldn’t be prouder to know they’ll have a home in such a creative, cutting-edge environment.


Check back for updates on the finished office, coming soon!